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Our Story

NOVA's best deep tissue massage therapists! As our happy and loyal clients will tell you, we are a studio, not a spa. We are a deep tissue specialty massage therapy clinic that you can build a partnership with to feel better in a lasting way.

Your current pain has most likely built up from a lifetime of small, medium, and large injuries. These injuries cause scar tissue. As scar tissue builds in your body, you move differently to avoid pain.


With time, your body slowly loses its elasticity and ability to adapt and heal. Deep tissue massage therapy is designed to restore movement and elasticity in scar tissue resulting in a new sense of freedom overall.


Our deep tissue massage therapists are trained to see how your whole muscle, skeletal, and nervous systems are compensating for past and present issues. Let us design a series of customized deep tissue massage therapy sessions tailor-made for your specific needs to reduce pain for the long term.

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